Van De Wal

Anouk Van de Wal is a professional photographer who has been active for many years. Her diverse talents, combined with a deep wealth of enthusiasm, have landed her work in magazines such as Feeling, Genieten and Weekend-Knack to name a few. She has also created classic advertising, lifestyle, food, architecture and art reproduction images for clients including VTM, Njam and Borgerhoff & Lamberigts.

Constantly looking to broaden her horizons, Anouk founded Imagelab, where she services the high quality photographic needs of companies and individuals. Anouk also spends a great deal of her time producing private commissions for a broad audience. The versatile photographer also teaches and holds workshops on request.

Anouk’s body of work combines an authentic visual sensibility with a great knowledge of the arts. Her ability to photographically adapt to any situation while simultaneously staying away from the obvious is the qualities that set her apart from other photographers. Anouk thrives on pushing the boundaries of (digital) photography and believes in collaborating with her clients to achieve and documenting a unique moment.

Anouk is based in Antwerp and has a fully equipped studio that provides custom color correction and postproduction services. For further information please contact the studio.